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its comming i promise.

mmk so basically my computer keeps effing up so ill put in my story i wrote for english :):)
feel free to help me add in physical descriptions haha. x

hey its got carmabelle and feel free to comment and tell me where you would like me to go from here for your plesure and which areas you would like me to elabrate on :)


Detective Carmen Grey sighed as a CSU member zipped up the body bag over a bruised and battered five year old girl named Olivia Stabler. It was a late winter afternoon in Seattle, and only moments after the body bag had been carried away, the rain started pouring. "Great," thought Carmen, "this is all I need now". After the CSU vans had pulled away, Carmen could hear a soft sound of somebody crying, and her attention was immediately diverted over to a bench on the edge of the park. It was the young girl named Emily who had discovered Olivia’s body. As she wondered over to the bench, the young girl looked up.
“Heyya” she spoke quietly as her eyes locked with Emily’s. “I’m Detective Carmen Grey, I’m investigating the case. I understand you found Olivia's body?”
Tears started to pour out of Emily’s face as she softly replied, “Yes, yes I did.”
Carmen could see that Emily was still in shock of finding Olivia's body; she was pale and didn’t seem to notice the approaching dusk or rain around her.
“Well, it’s almost dark and it’s raining down terribly at the moment, so how about you come back to my office and we can have a little talk about what happened today.”
Emily meekly replied with an, “Okay,” before standing up and following Carmen out to her car.

Carmen turned the key in the lock at her office door and flicked on the lights as she walked in. She gestured to Emily to sit down on the chair opposite her before sitting down herself. The girl still looked pale and shocked, Carmen didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t any children herself, as she was, as her last partner had said, "Married to her job". Now being 45 years of age, she wasn’t likely to have any. Carmen offered Emily a drink before she started talking.
“So uh, what did you see while you were at the park? Why were you there?” she asked in the most caring voice she could find, which probably wasn’t that caring, she was sure. More tears started to poor out of Emily’s eyes as the door opened and Senior Detective Jerry Psht walked in.
“Uh sorry I’m late. I, uh, wasn’t feeling too well when I got the call... Who’s this?” he harshly stated as he glared at Emily.
Carmen was surprised at her superior’s harsh tone. Jerry Psht was her mentor and boss. She had not heard the man use such a rude tone before, but she guessed that he was most likely still wasn’t feeling well.
“I’m Emily, and I found Olivia dead at the park,” said Emily as a fresh set of tears came, “I was going for a walk to clear my head after studying all day, and... and I found the body.” Emily broke down and couldn’t control herself anymore as she fell to the floor sobbing, Carmen walked over and kneeled down to Emily patting her on the back and giving her a hug.
“You know this isn’t your fault, right Emily?” asked Jerry, “It really isn’t, so you need to accept that and move on so you can tell us everything you saw and heard, so we can find Olivia’s killer.” He patted Emily on the back as he said, “Look kiddo I have to go, please talk to detective Grey, I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye Carmen.” And with that he clicked his heels and walked off, Carmen decided to do as he had asked and find everything out about what Emily saw and heard.

A week later, Carmen had only turned up dead ends as none of Olivia’s family and friends were persons of interest. She threw a small piece of paper she was scrunching on the passenger chair of her car. It wasn’t fair that such a beautiful, young, promising girl had to have endured such a torturous beating to come to her death. Her mind then wandered to Emily Schuller, how horrible it must have been for her to find Olivia's body, after questioning her on the day of the murder she hadn’t talked to her again. Carmen wondered how Emily was doing. She hoped that she had moved on and was fine, but inside she knew that it wasn’t true and that Emily was hurting. It would be likely she wasn’t coping well with the situation.
As Carmen drove through the congested streets of Seattle, she suddenly decided that she was going to go back to that park where Olivia was murdered. She was going to find that piece of evidence that would solve the case, because she was going to solve the case. She needed to bring some closure to Olivia's family, and hopefully it would help Emily too. The constantly flowing rain was the norm in the middle of winter in Seattle, and as Carmen got out of the car, she was drenched within seconds. She slowly started walking around the path of the park, taking in the sights around her. As she rounded the corner to where Olivia met her death, she saw Jerry hunched over examining a bench near where Olivia was killed.
“Jerry?” said Carmen as she approached the bench.
“Oh. Hi Carmen, what brings you here?” he asked.
“I thought I would look for any evidence I missed in the Stabler case, I really want to solve it!”
“I am totally with you there. I am looking for evidence too. I’ve looked over through the playground and now I’m looking at the immediate areas of where Olivia was found, but I still haven’t found anything. I think we need to re-question Emily, she was blaming herself so much that I think she could have something to do with it.”
“Well, maybe your right Jerry. I mean we haven’t found anything else.” Carmen could see where Jerry was coming from, but she found it hard to believe that Emily had done it. The girl had been blaming herself, sure, but Carmen had seen teenage murderers before, and they acted differently than Emily. She decided the best option was to go visit her and to see how she was doing, maybe if she had a guilty conscience she would let up.

It was almost dusk by the time Carmen made it to Emily’s house. As she walked up the steps to the buildings door she took in the view around her, it didn’t look like the sort of place many other offending teenagers she had dealt with lived. When she reached the door of Emily’s apartment she hesitated, asking herself if she had done the right thing.
Carmen sighed as she knocked on the door, knowing she could not turn back then.
A few moments later, the door opened, and she came face to face with Emily.
“Hi Emily, I hope you don’t mind me dropping by. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, and I wanted to ask you some more questions."
“Why, is everything alright?”
"Yes, I feel bad for just dropping by so unexpectedly. I just have a few more questions to ask to clear up the details. Nothing big.”
"Oh ok. Ask away. But first would you like to come in? It's a bit of a mess hope you don't mind."
“Thanks,” Carmen smiled as she walked in the door.

Three hours after finishing talking to Emily, Carmen was sitting on her lounge trying to pay attention to a report she needed to read, but her mind kept wondering back to Emily. During her questioning, she had paid close attention to Emily’s body language, but it had all pointed towards Emily telling the truth. Could it really be possible that she committed the murder? Carmen could see sincerity in Emily's eyes as she answered the questions, and she broke down when she recounted finding Olivia's body. Carmen sighed and got up and made a coffee. She knew it was going to be a long night of thinking.

Carmen woke up the next morning to the sound of her mobile phone ringing. She looked at the caller ID and saw it was Jerry Psht. “Shit!” she said out loud when she saw that it was 11.08am. She should have been at work hours ago.
“Carmen Grey,” she sharply said as she answered her phone.
“Yes, yes. I’m sorry Jerry; yes I understand. I’ll see you soon.” Carmen raced around to get ready and managed to be out of the house in 20 minutes. As she walked into the offices, she could not see Jerry but found a note on her desk saying he had left to interview Emily. Carmen was annoyed that Jerry was going to talk to Emily. She was especially worried that he hadn’t waited for her to arrive so they could go together, but Carmen guessed that this was the price for arriving to work late.
An hour later Jerry Psht walked into Carmen’s office with a serious look on his face.
“Carmen, I have just talked to Emily, she seems to be displaying body language that would implicate her as the killer. I spoke to her for an hour and she has nobody to confirm her alibi. I think we need to accept that Emily was the killer. I’m sorry Carmen, but it’s true. Please get a warrant for her arrest for me and we can do what needs to be done. As I say many of a time, You never really know a person”
Carmen was in shock as Jerry walked out of the door with his head held high, he seemed to be pleased with himself, but why would he be pleased that a fifteen year old savagely beat a five year old to a pulp? Carmen slammed her fist on her desk in annoyance, she knew that she must accept Jerry’s word as he was her superior, and after all, he was her mentor and he had done very well in his career.

 Carmen sat in silent thought for an hour before she knew what she would do. She would go the park, and she would search every place possible to find that piece of evidence that would disconnect Emily from the murder. As Carmen arrived once again at that fateful park, she saw it in a different way to what she saw it before; she noticed the small details which she had before never seen. She noticed the smiles on the children’s faces as they ran through the freshly fallen snow, the way the trees hung over parts of the park to provide protection, but most of all, she noticed how so easily somebody could hide in the bushes at the side and grab a child before anybody would notice. Carmen sighed and got out of the car with her bag. She decided to start at the playground, the only area she had not searched. Carmen wondered why Jerry had not let her search the playground; after all, he could have missed a clue. She knew it was unlikely that Jerry had missed anything, but she thought it best to check. As she rounded the corner to the playground she found none other than Emily sitting on the parks bench. Emily looked up as Carmen approached the bench.
“You know it’s been a month since I found Olivia? A month, a whole month and I still can’t get the sight of finding her out of head.” Emily’s head hung low and she talked in a dull monotone voice. She was still struggling, and it only gave Carmen more energy to put this case to rest.
“Come with me,” Carmen spoke with urgency in her voice, “We are going to find the piece of evidence to solve this case even if it kills us.”
The two walked towards the play ground with determination as they started looking around the whole area. An hour and a half later they had not turned up anything, it was starting to approach dusk, and Carmen knew that they only had a half hour at best until it would be impossible to be able to thoroughly see every detail.
“Detective Grey over here! Look!”
Carmen suddenly diverted her attention over to where Emily was pointing where there was the perfect clincher for the case, a video camera fastened to the tree pointing towards where Olivia was attacked.
“Quick, help me get up to the branch!” Carmen spoke with excitement in her voice. Within moments, she had been boosted up to the branch on which the camera lied. Carmen worked quickly to unfasten the camera from the branch and place it in a plastic evidence bag. This was going to solve the case, she could feel it.
“Thank you so much Emily,” was all she could say as she ran to her car.
Carmen ran out from her car to her office so fast that she felt like she was flying, the 3 inch heels she was wearing not slowing her down one bit. She ran into the video room and pulled the camera apart finding the chip with the video information, and inserted it into the computer. Within seconds, an array of videos popped up on the screen. Carmen quickly scrolled until she found the video she wanted, and clicked on it to open it. The look of shock on her face said it all. She saw the one and only Jerry Psht swigging from a bottle of vodka before he walked off the playground to where Olivia was playing. Tears came from Carmen’s eyes as she watched her mentor, the person who had taught her everything about her job and looked after her for so many years, doing such a horrible crime. As she slumped down on her chair, she remembered the saying Jerry had said many a time - "You never really know a person," and realised that those were the truest words ever spoken.


its comming.

its comming. i swear. after many a time of IE closing on me while ive been typing i have decided to write pen on paper and type afterwards :]
love you em bahaa.
obsession? what obsession?
lol x

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